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, Source: The Blanket, April 2006
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Associate Members' Websites

Civil Rights - YouTube
Vinnie Coyle - An Appreciation
Civil Rights 1968
Forty years ago, in 1968, a series of events took place here which changed the face of Northern Ireland irrevocably.
Justice For The Forgotten
The organisation of victims and relatives seeking justice for the Dublin & Monaghan bombings of 17th May 1974;  and the Dublin bombings of 1st December 1972 and 20th January 1973.
Spring Town Camp 1946-1967
Stormont Watch
Human and Civil Rights Monitor brought to you by the
Irish Anti-Partition League


Captain Kelly Justice Campaign
A campaign to clear the good name of the recently deceased Irish Army captain, James J. Kelly, a co-accused in the 1970 Arms Trial, who although acquitted was unjustly scapegoated throughout his life by partisan sections of the Irish establishment and media.
Irish Political Status Committee

IPSC Forum

Civil Rights Forum
An Historical & Current Affairs Archives created by the October Fifth (1968 civil rights' veterans and supporters) Association.  Contact the October Fifth Association
Relatives for Justice Relatives For Justice
To provide appropriate therapeutic and developmental based support for the bereaved and injured of the conflict within a safe environment. To examine and develop transitional justice and truth recovery mechanisms assisting with individual healing, contributing to positive societal change, ensuring the effective promotion and protection of human rights, social justice, and reconciliation in the context of an emerging participative democracy post conflict.
The Mass Graves of Ireland


Irish National Congress - Comhdáil Násiúnta na hÉireann
New Republican Forum
New Republican Forum is a coalition of political and community activists founded to challenge the political status quo in Ireland by providing a radical republican alternative to the mainstream political establishment
The Blanket
The Blanket project exists as a commitment to freedom of speech. Its purpose is to facilitate analysis, debate and discussion, to resist censorship, and to create the space for a diversity of views.
The Museum of Free Derry
The Bogside Artists - Tour the famous murals of Derry, N. Ireland
Historical Links
England's Vietnam
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